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Sold Clark Tyger w/Reverb (Tweed Fender Bandmaster)


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**Going to keep this ad here until the transaction is complete for rating purposes**

Up for grabs is a Clark Tyger with Reverb, which is a late 50's style fender tweed bandmaster amp with reverb added. Clark is probably THE most respected name in the tweed game and the build shows it. This is not a tweed amp that was thrown together with parts that 'work'. This is a meticulously designed recreation using premier components, such as custom wound interleaved output transformers, voltage corrected and accurate power transformers, a high density non tinted eyelet board, Allen Bradley resistors, Jupiter Red Astron capacitors, weber alnico speakers and a select pine and Finnish birch cabinet. On top of that this amp includes chasm-like tube reverb, which is about a $400 upgrade. Among the pinnacle of tweed amps, as referenced by Guitar Player's Editors Pick Award.

Check out the Clark website for detailed information and sound clips. There are two impressions and a few scratches on the tweed, but no open wounds. The amp is slightly used, but really looks quite good, but, more importantly, sounds awesome!

http://s1294.photobucket.com/user/HonkyBach/library/Clark Tyger?sort=3&page=1

Would consider trades for (+ / - Cash):
- Fender Custom Shop 2015 Limited 1955 Stratocaster Relic
- Fender Custom Shop 60th Anniversary '54 Stratocaster Relic
- Fender Custom Shop 2012 Limited Edition 1965 Closet Classic Stratocaster Lake Placid Blue
- Koll Duo Glide w/ Filtertrons (round up orange?!?)
- Gretsch Masterbuilt Duo Jet (Silver Sparkle?!?)
- Rickenbacker 375
- Fender Twin Reverb (68 - 76) (+ for interesting speakers)
- Fender Dual Showman Reverb (68 - 76)
- Fender Ultra Linear Twin Reverb(Early)
- Milkman Pedal Steel 85w or Half and Half
- Victoria Victorilux (El84 version)
- Swart 6v6se
- Possibly an el84 style amp (Komet 19, Dr. Z DB4, Swart Mod84, Retro King 18, Aiken 18w or similar).
- Satellite Mudshark, Elmer, Neutron or Helion
- Original cone vintage greenbacks (G12M25 75hz)(72 or earlier)
- Dr. Z 2x10
- Bogner 112OL-P
- High quality 1x12 or 2x12 Pine Cabinet
- Altec 417 8C
- JBL D120F
- EV SRO Alnico
- EV 12L
- Weber z matcher 100
- Fender custom shop handwound texas special telecaster set (can be found on 2016 Winter NAMM Limited 50's Telecaster Journeyman Relic / 2016 American Custom Telecaster
- Eminence EJ 1240 Alnico speakers
- EVM10
- Weber 10A125 30watt
- Eminence 1028k
- Jensen P10r-f

I'm looking for $1800USD Shipped or best offer. Trade value would be higher.
About $2700USD new (with reverb option) + shipping, taxes, etc. I have never seen a Clark Tyger with Reverb at this price on TGP!

No tax for US buyers: Since the amp is made in the USA there are no additional import taxes charged to US Citizens importing from Canada due to NAFTA. That said, I will be in Florida in January, so can ship from there.

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