Clark Users Unite!!!


I have two (mid and loud) Clarks and am thinking of getting a Lil'Bit LTD for lowdown Champ/Princeton harpage.


Iv'e got a Clark Lil Bit LTD, Beaufort, and the Wateree external reverb trem unit Clark use to make.

I'd sell my kidney before I let these go..

One day I'd love a Tyger too!


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My Beaufort is the only amp I own that I have never, ever considered selling, no matter what came up, no matter how much I needed IT (whatever IT was at that moment.)

Bottom line: I don't play it all the time, but if I want instant gratification with no question about how great it's going to sound/feel, I head right for my Clark Beaufort w/NOS & a Weber 12A125A. It has an attenuator, but I never use it.

I've also got a Clark Penrose (with a 15", so basically a Pro) that's great, but I just don't play it often (much less use for a 30w amp.) I keep thinking I should sell it, so someone can love it, but I can't bring myself to do it.

That being said, I'm dying to hear a Tyger & find out how they compare. I only with Mike still make his tweed Tremolux clone; I'm pretty sure that Deluxe tone + bias- modulated wiggle might be the only thing to best my Beaufort. Maybe.


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I have been gigging with nothing but my Beaufort a lot for the last year and it is an amazing amp. I put a Weber 12A150A in it and some RCA preamp tubes and it nails the tones I need. It is a perfect match with P90's or strats.
I also really like the way it responds so well to the volume knob on the guitar.
Michael gave me some great service when I first got the amp. I would buy another Clark without hesitation.

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