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Classic but uncommon Fender colors


I love that headstock shape, with the scalloped edge.

Amber burst or honey burst with parchment guard would look great with that neck.


Midnight wine.
Not sure it is classic, but I first saw it in the 90s. It’s really hard to photograph. Most pics make it look too red. It’s a very dark red/purple that colour shifts.

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Richard Petty blue, like the color he used on his Plymouth’s in the 60s, very early 70s.
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Antigua is certainly divisive. I love it.
Wish I had a picture of mine... this was before cell phone cameras where in every phone... Even the pickguard had that God awful antigua burst to it.

Would be funny if that was actually mine....


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I had two unique Fender colored guitars: 1) Tahitian Coral Strat. I foolishly bought a NOS version before the Relic appeared on the Dave's Guitar website. He found a 1961 Strat in that color that is in his massive collection. Google it. It is NOT a shade of red, and it is NOT a shade of pink...it is truly Coral colored. The other was a 2013 Custom Shop limited edition Relic'd Tele in Celadon Green with an aged, anodized gold pick guard.As a Tele player, it is the coolest "looking" Tele I ever had, but only as an "aged/relic'd guitar". I saw a NOS Strat in Celadon Green with a standard white/off-white pick guard that looked horrible. You have to relic it and use an aged, anodized gold pick guard to make the Celadon green look its best.


Electron blue?
I think it was MIM only but i loved the colour when it came out and still remember it even now.
One day i’ll see a nice one on eBay and treat myself.


My US Dlx strat from 2004ish was montego black, a very cool colour with flecks of bronze in. It looked cool under lights, the bronze really sparkled


I always wanted a sparkle paint guitar, silver sparkle.
Also like shoreline gold and in a silver.

the Strat plus from the 90s came in a lot of cool colors.
Check out those for ideas.

Cool looking neck.
Did you machine it?

A matching color accent on the headstock would look great.
Yeah dude, I made the neck and body.