Classic Rock Driving Songs


Looking for songs that are sort of about driving.

My industry is shut down probably until labor day

The last two months I've been driving nurses around in a shuttle bus.

The hours are tough, I live in Jersey where every driver already has the road rage.
I'm not getting a lot of sleep. I'm starting to get a little loopy.

Anyway, I want to put together a silly playlist.
If you want to play along, and can think of any relevant songs to my situation, please suggest whatever you can come up with.

Heres what I got so far;

Radar Love - of course

Who’s gonna drive you home - The Cars

Take me home Tonight - Eddie Money

On the road again - Willie

Red Barchetta - Rush
April Wine:Hot On The Wheels Of Love


I love that the Deep Purple fans have posted Highway Star no less than a half dozen times in the span of an (as of this posting) 8 page thread. lol...We're a loyal lot to be sure.


You cannot be a DP fan and not appreciate Chickenfoot's excellent cover of Highway Star. They play it like they own it. So....give DP a day off and let CF do the driving for a refreshing change of scenery.

Now....lest you think I'm here to simply re-hash Highway Star into oblivion I'll offer up something a bit more obscure.......BB Chung King and the Buddahheads

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There are lots of good ones with many being posted here already.

Several years ago I heard about a study with songs like this being played while we were driving can pump up our adrenaline causing us to drive faster and perhaps more carelessly than normal. I started watching my driving while listening to my favourite classic rock tunes and caught myself speeding where I normally wouldn't.

I thought I would mention this so we can all be cognizant while behind the wheel.


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Not so much for the lyrics or video (which I haven't even watched) but for the general forward motion and awesome riffage of this little ditty.

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