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Classic Vibe Neck Pickup Replacement Suggestions

Just like the title says. Did a search but there was not real consensus in the prior threads. Looking to spend 50-75 but if have to go 100 I will.

I like the sound of the Lollar '52 T so anything close to that would be good. Also need it to match up with the bridge output-wise as I do a lot of blending for clean tones.

Any suggestions appreciated.


You don't have to spend a lot. I tried many and the one that did it for me, and is also a big fav at the tele forum is the dimarzio twang king. Soon as i stuck it in and fired it up i knew my search was over. Many say it's as good as any boutique barring of course differences in individual taste. But generally pretty much everyone who tries one likes or loves it. On the other hand, while many like the bridge version too, it's not as widely loved and i personally didn't like it at all. But i can't see anyone not liking the neck model.
I listened and it does sound pretty nice. Still looking for an alternative to the 52 T. I am really really digging that pickup but I just don't want to plop down $100 for a pickup to go in a $279 guitar......I know stranger things have happened on TGP.


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I believe Fralins are a little cheaper. Might want to give those a quick look.

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