Sold Clean 1978 Fender Princeton Reverb


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$1000 shipped/paypal'd

Amazing sounding amp in excellent condition for its age. Just recently got back from the tech.

-The capacitors have been replaced with sprague atoms and mallory 150m.
-It has fairly new jj power tubes and it was properly biased for them.
-It's an old stock GE rectifier tube(5u4gb). Preamp tubes are new and I believe they are jj also.
-The only thing I haven't done is replace the reverb pot. It is scratchy when you turn it but the reverb works and the amp is very quiet.
-I have a princeton reverb reissue amp cover I will give you with it also.
-When I bought the amp It came with a footswitch that appears to be original but I'm not sure. I will include it also.

Thanks for looking!

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