Clean Amp DI.....


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Hi all!

Been through the HD500, 11R, Tech 21 Blonde and the Two Notes Le Clean.....eventually settled on the Ethos Clean!

But I am considering a second amp-less solution, but this time a high quality built in DI is a MUST. I don't need tons of sounds or fx, just a really good base clean tone in the Twin vein.

How is the Amplifire as an amp replacement for going direct? Easy to use? Sound quality compared to the other players?

It looks like the only real options for me without tons of fx are the Amplifire and Le Clean.....FYI, I did not care for the Le Clean as it had a noisy DI and sounded kind of flat in comparison to my Ethos...


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The AmpliFIRE is an incredible value with stereo XLR output. Even if you only use one amp and cab and no effects, it's still worth every penny.

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