Closest Amp to a Two Rock? (Whats Best for My Style)


For those of us who can't spend $5k on a Two Rock Custom Signature, etc. - whats the closest that can give you crystal clear cleans and great overdrives.

I'm playing a shiva right now which gives me both but I really love those two rock clean tones!!!!

I'm focusing more on a different style then what i've been playing. I was in a jamband, we did a lot of phish, widespread panic, and grateful dead. Now i'm focusing on what I love the most. BLUES. I love John Mayer's tone - everything about it. I don't want to copy his tone, its just a good reference as to what i'm going for. I don't like lots of distortion - i like a chunky yet smooth overdrive, very much like two rock does. What I love about them is playing rhythm on the lead channel sounds so good and smooth. I want that ability, and be able to 'click' on the switch and have those crystal cleans.

Sean French

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Don't need to spend 5K.
By used.:D
A Custom Reverb or CR Artist go for around 2.5K give or take.
CR Sig V1 are around 3.2K give or take.


Bludo amps are just over $3K and IMO - compared to a pair of Two Rock Custom Reverb Sigs, bigger sounding and much richer in tone and harmonics.


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The cleans on TR's are really great...but that's pretty much common knowledge at this point. What everyone may not know is how well these amps take pedals. My classic reverb takes pedals and eats them up. I have a really hard time choosing which ones I want on my board since they all sound so good!
If you want a TR, then buy a TR. If your budget will allow for a used TR, I'd say you wouldn't have to wait long...they always show up every so often.


Opals (at least mine is) have a stiffer feel than the Custom line. A bit more assertive.


I've seen severa opal's that are within my range, but I'm not familiar with their tone at all.

There's a video on youtube that demonstrates what the Opal can do. A used Classic Reverb is probably your best bet if you're going for the Mayer vibe.

edit: The Classic Reverb is a single channel amp, but can get up to medium level distortion.


If you want a TR, then buy a TR.


If you know what you want, then don't buy until you're ready to buy it. If you do, you'll just spend more in the long run.

There's a reason I have a $150 amp... because what I really want is really expensive and I can't see spending any money on anything in between.

When I was young, I bought new watches every few months...didn't keep them long enough for the batteries to run out. I always knew I liked them, but didn't know what I wanted. From the time I started wearing one at about 5 until I was around 11, I must have had 20 or 30 watches from insanely cheap to about swiss army quality/price.

I knew about nice watches, but couldn't afford them. So I tried to find something "close," and I still have a ridiculous collection of fakes.

Then, one day, I randomly walked into a Bailey, Banks, & Biddle and the sales guy actually let me (when i was 11, I think) try on an Omega Seamaster (the 1993 design, if you're familiar). I was hooked.

I literally spent NO money for 2 years. No candy. No baseball or magic cards. No new toys. Every bit of allowance, yard mowing money, the cards I sold... everything went to pay for my watch.

It's been on my arm since I was a freshman in High School. It's on its second clasp. And, sadly, I have to have it cleaned/serviced in Europe because the turn around time for Omega repairs in the US is ridiculous (upwards of 6 months). But, you know what, other than a passing fascination with the Rolex Red Letter Submariner from the '50s or the Omega Speedmaster (the original from the '60s), I haven't even thought about buying a new watch in almost 10 years.

If you think it's going to be the same way with your amp, just start putting money away every chance you get and don't settle for anything.

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