CMATMODS Deluxe Signa Comp?


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What can you tell me about this compressor? Looking for something that is always on, I do like a bit of squish though. Previously owned a Tone Press, which I loved because of the blend knob. This doesn't have one which kind of makes me wonder if it would work.

Let me know you experiences, and how it would compare to something like a Tone Press, Pulp & Peel, Deep Six, etc.


I used one for about 2 or 3 months on loan from a friend while I was waiting til I could buy my own compressor.
Overall, I was quite happy with it. I found it quite easy to dial in some good sounds, and left it on all the time. I definitely would recommend it as an option...
But I did end up getting a Walrus Deep Six. Both are great pedals, but the Deep Six just seemed to work for me (I really wanted a blend knob). There were lots of guys playing similar music to me using it as well, which helped me decide that it could really work for my purposes. No regrets at all, I love this pedal!
The Pulp n Peel is pretty good as well. I used one for about a week or so. I'd recommend the V4.
Basically you've listed some great options, if you found any one of them real cheap I'd maybe go for it, but if you're buying at full price I'd really recommend the Deep Six out of the 3 I've talked about.

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