Cocked wah tone when playing up the neck


Any body else experienced a kind of tone when playing ,like a half cocked wah sound when playing up the neck ,I have only noticed it with single coil guitars like Strat & Teles


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I love that sound in a great single coil guitar. To my ear it's like there's a "kiss" to every note. I think it's some kind of very clean compression followed by a quick bloom of the note.

You can really make a guitar talk when you get that sound working. :)
Haha, weird. I know what you're talking about. I was just talking to a buddy about this the other day.

It stands to reason that when you fret higher up on the neck, the vibrating string region behind the fret is 50% or larger of the total vibrating area, hence accentuating certain harmonics and cancellations from the two regions separated by the fret in play. It's one of the many subtle, understated beauties of the electric guitar which make it a unique, and powerful instrument.

Just like picking down by the bridge, or up at the neck pup and getting the short decaying plinky-treble, or sustained deep-bell tones. If ya know how to work it, you can open up a whole world of subtle tonalities in a piece that only another player could truly appreciate...;)

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I think I understand what the OP is describing. But the OP doesn't mention whether he likes it, hates it, wants to know what casues it, etc?


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pickup height??
i have never experienced what the op does
i play low output pups only


If you're playing up there on a guitar with medium (or higher) action and the pickups set high then your strings will move SIGNIFICANTLY closer to the polepieces (more on the neck and middle pickup.) That'll definitely give you the midrange "woof" thing.

If you don't like it, lower your pickups. Possibly raise your action and lessen your relief, too.
It's a little bit of a nasaly sound ,Id like to know what causes it

Alright then.....

You and I are describing two different things.

It does sound like your pickups may be too high. If you're getting harmonic unpleasantness up on that end of the fretboard, that may be the problem. Especially if it's on multiple strings. Maybe you just don't like the thinner sound Single Coils give you?

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