Coldcraft Effects - Cascade Overdrive


Coldcraft Effects - Cascade Overdrive

The Cascade is a breakthrough new design based on stacking different mid-gain drive stages for thick, dynamic and complex harmonic overdrive and distortion. It features two distinct gain stages and a common treble cut control. Drive A features a warm, vintage Class A-inspired preamp, perfect for a mid-gain 'foundation' tone.

Drive B is a punchy, Class A/B-inspired preamp with a little more upper midrange bite and sparkle. Two great sounds on their own, but combined they create a unique, complex and dynamic harmonic drive that is warm, beefy and punchy all on its own. Crank them for total saturation or use just enough to distinguish yourself from the next guy.

Gain, touch-dynamics and harmonics of each stage are multiplied for a thick, complex tone, guaranteed to find a place in the mix. The Cascade is equally at home as a lead or rhythm tone, and is no stranger to stacking with other boosts and low gain overdrives.

The passive 'Treble Cut' is voiced bring in or take out that extra 'bite' regardless of the gain setting allowing you to tailor the Cascade to your rig and application.

Controls: Drive A, Drive B, C-Treble Cut, Volume

Gibson SG into a Fender Deluxe Reverb

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