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Sold Collings 290


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2019 Aged Candy Apple Red 290 with a Lollar staple pickup and Lollar P90 bridge. 7.2 pounds. Collings/Ameritage case included.

Keeping in mind the guitar was aged at the factory, the guitar is mint but for a few tiny dings like on the top of the headstock which you can see. They don’t show in photos very well, but you can see them if you look closely in the last two photos.

The only trade I might consider is a nice classical guitar plus cash or a 12 fret acoustic.

Also, feel free to request more pics if you have serious interest. I realize I’m not great at taking photos.

$2550 shipped/pp

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That’s a great guitar glwts. I just bought one otherwise I would pick this up. Free bump

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