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Collings CL vs Collings 360

Discussion in 'Guitars in General' started by dontstop123, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. dontstop123

    dontstop123 Member

    Nov 21, 2009
    I'm trying to decide between the Collings CL and 360.

    I can play a guitar for 5 minutes and decide if I like it or not. But after that, I need to play a guitar, amp, pedal for about 3 months to decide if it's a true keeper. They are both AWESOME, but expensive.

    I'm concerned the full humbuckers may be too dark... not cut-through-the-mix. Also, I'm concerned the mini-buckers may be too bright. Sound too much like P90s or single coils.

    What do you think??
  2. backdrifter

    backdrifter Supporting Member

    Mar 31, 2009
    Belleville, IL
    Unfortunately, I can't help you with the 360, but I have owned (and loved) a City Limits Deluxe. The Lollar pickups sound fantastic and it is not what I would consider a dark sounding guitar unless you want it to be and roll back the tone accordingly. It was quite a bit brighter (not too bright) and had much, much more clarity than a very nice 1990 Les Paul Classic that I owned at the same time.

    For my money, I'd look for a used CL over a 360. In my opinion it's the ultimate LP type design and it looks much better than the 360. Another bonus is the pickup cavity size - you can swap just about anything into a full size humbucker route if you decide to experiment with pickups (single coil, P90 single coils, humbuckers, and TV Jones Filtertrons will all fit), so you have a lot more flexibility in modifying the guitar to suit you needs.

    Enjoy whichever you choose - Collings makes fantastic instruments.
  3. antbosca

    antbosca Member

    Jan 27, 2010
    Twin Cities
    I think the pups in the CL, which are basically Lollar low-winds, with some very slight differences spec'd by Bill Collings - are pretty bright and very clear-sounding. And the Collings bodies are light and resonant. So I don't think that it'll be too dark.

    The mini-hums ARE more like p-90s or single-coils, but if you choose the all-mahogany body for the 360 then they're not gong to be too bright, they're going to kill. IF you put the minis in a 360 body with a maple cap...that would be a bright guitar, but still probably killer.

    Sorry to say, it really comes down to which one you want. Personally, I would go 360 because it's a fantastic, unique design and looks so cool whereas the CL is so much more LP-like.

    Just to complicate things more, I talked to them once about building a 360 with humbuckers in it for me and they were game, so there's a 3rd possibility. That said, if I were buying one today I'd take a 360 in mahogany with minis.
  4. dontstop123

    dontstop123 Member

    Nov 21, 2009
    They both look killer. I like the modern look of the 360.

    The 360 I would choose: Tobacco burst with a mahogany top. The CL: with a maple top.

    I know I'll be thrilled with which ever one I buy... but I'll still want the other... kinda like choosing between 2 playboy playmates.

    My plan is to only own 2 electrics. I have a Grosh Classic. Sell my 1996 Hamer Special with P90s and Eastman 185MX. Purchase a Collings CL or 360. I wish I could buy both! Really, anyone have to play a guitar for a few months to really get a feel for it?? Or is that just me?

    I'll checked the used market. You guys have been very helpful!

    Anyone else??
  5. Jujo

    Jujo Supporting Member

    Jun 6, 2006
    location, location, location...
    I'll chime in... I have 290 and a CL. I've played a couple 360s as well.

    The CL is not like a LP. The scale is a bit longer, so the CL has much more clarity than a typical LP. The CL does not have that dark, bloated tone like a lot of LP's. It has a wonderful piano like quality.

    The 360 (minis) doesn't thrill me. It's quality cannot be challenged, but tonally it's kind of in between places for me. Doesn't sit in a useful place. Doesn't have the authority and sonic footprint of the CL, but it doesn't have the twinkly, chime of say an F style.

    I much prefer the 290 to the 360 if you are looking for something that is a bit brighter. The 290 is an absolute slayer. Does great chimey tones, and will rip muthas heads off with gain. Angus would be thrilled. Also, does wonderful rolled back tones, as well. It can be thick as pea soup, or hit like hot lightnin'! Seriously.

    Having a CL, I would not own a 360 because the 360 "fits in the gap" tonally. I'm 90% sure if I owned a 360 and then played a CL, I'd be wanting the CL instead.

    There is a really good looking well priced CL in the emporium right now. I'd give that one a looksee.

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