Column line array speakers for mid/high freq reinforcement


For background here is the system we are working with.

Behringer x32 compact

DBX Driverack

Pair of JBL PRX425's powered by a QSC RMX 2450

Pair of JBL PRX418's powered by another QSC RMX 2450

Pair of Cerwin Vega CVA121's

For monitors we run a pair of EV ZLX15's and a pair of JBL EON615.

We have plenty of bass for the venues we play but are looking to boost some our high end clarity. I have been looking into the column line array speakers. Similar to the Bose L1 system. The bose ones don't attract me much because they have to come with a sub and only work within their own environment. The carvin TRX3903s look interesting though and run $500 a piece. A QSC GX3 amp runs $300. Could run the xover from within the X32 on its own matrix. EQ whatever I want for the room on the fly, just for those speakers.

What my question is, does anyone have any experience with these Carvin's or any other of the column line array style speakers?


I'd ditch the PRX425s and get something with a better horn in it.

As a rule, the 2x15xHF cabs don't do anything well.

You could probably go to a single 12"xHF higher quality cab and it would do what you need it to do. I'd stick with JBL or EV.

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