Combining Tube and Modeling Amps in Wet/Dry?


I play mostly at home and sometimes at small jams and very occasionally with a full band. I have an Ampli-Fire Box with a Headrush powered speaker, a Pro Jr. and a Traynor YCV 20 (think Blues Jr. with two channels and an effects loop). I've experimented with running both the powered speaker and one of the amps at the same time and I like the effect. Adding in one of the amps adds a lot of texture and space but I'd like to set this up as a true wet/dry rig. Currently, i have all the effects going into AFB and then using both the 1/4" and XLR output, turning off the cab sim for the 1/4".

Any thoughts on the best way to implement a rig like this? Would it be best to get an ABY switch and run a true Wet/Dry with modulation only going to one amp? Does it really matter?

I like the idea of using the Pro Jr. in a rig like this as it's small enough to grab and go even with the additional active speaker. However, the Ampli-Fire sounds great running into the effects return of the Traynor, too. Also wondering if there is any advantage of having the amp or the powered speaker be the wet or the dry channel. Does it matter? Is latency or phase going to be an issue?

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