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Community Project Guitar for a Friend in Bosnia

We have a small forum called FenderTalk which is not very active these days. Pretty closely-knit group, including a very nice guy named Elvir who lives in Bosnia, where he teaches school. He had to sell his beloved Strat a few years back to feed his family (the government is corrupt and sometimes he does not get paid). One of the other guys sent me a PM and suggested that we chip in parts and build him a reproduction. So we pulled it off, and I started a thread on the project. It's a long thread but kind of fun. The unwitting Elvir ("Littlefloor") gives me all the specs. Take a look if you have a few minutes:


I teared up reading this thread and getting to Elvir's post when it arrived. Just wonderful what you all did and he will remember it forever, so will I.


Never be surprised about how a small gesture can make someone very happy or escalate to the level that this project did.

I've not done anything on that level, though I did send a little goody bag to a younger friend in Argentina, he couldn't play his strat due to needing a few parts which here cost peanuts, but in his town where mega expensive, so I just bought the parts, added a few guitar mags and a couple of sets of strings and sent them to him, no big deal cost about £15 altogether but it made his year when he got them.


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Thanks for sharing the story, and for the kindness towards your friend.

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