Comparable Reverb/Delay to Boss RV-3?


I'm looking for a delay/reverb pedal that's comparable to the functionality of the Boss RV-3. I'm speaking specifically to the ability to have more wet signal than dry with the delay+reverb settings which not even the RV-5 can't do. I just lost out to one on Ebay and I'd prefer not to spend more than $100 if possible.

I have the rv-5, never had the rv-3...but cant you achieve more wet than dry by just turning up the level/? sorry if I hijacked but was curious


He probably means a pedal that can do that with all the individual settings and tonal character of the RV3... I can't think of any solution to this problem other than another RV3. It has a tone that some people love and some hate (I love mine). I am not even sure I could find anything in stompbox format that can sound like it... and yes, I know all about the other candidates. To be honest, I am a bit surprised why they don't sell for more than they sell now.

Maybe he can explain why he needs these high levels of wet signal... maybe he could try some other reverb with a bit of clean digital delay mixed in. It's going to cost more than $100, though.
one idea.

Get a couple of CHEAP rack unit.

My Roland SDE-1000 was $41 on ebay

Roland SRV-2000s for like $75????

These will both do totally wet, and have more options. except, now you have a rack :( :lol:

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