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Maybe it's just me. Just my setup and pedal board. But I think ANY pedal, except micros, should have the input and output jack at the top and not on the sides. I know building the internal boards and cramming all that magic inside is quite a chore at times. But the main complaint is with stereo in and out pedals. Both "ins" next to each other one one side and both "outs" on the other side. You can't use (2) right angle plugs because one plug won't ride under the other one. If you use all straight plugs the "foot print" of the pedal is double because of the wasted space needed for the straight plugs to extend out in both directions. At least if they are all at the top of the pedal you can run all the cables back off the top of the board or use right angle cables that can angle downward into the slots that access the underside of the board. There should be a better solution.

But might just be there's that I guess.....
Fwiw, if the pedal is simple and the actual device responsible for engaging and bypassing the pedal is the foot switch, then the shortest signal path in bypass will result when using side jacks.

As a pedal user, I don't really care where the jacks are. If I need to make something work, I can.
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Moving the jacks to the top of the pedal doesn't really help with the problem, The TC Nova pedals have their stereo jacks on top, and they're still right next to each other, and it's still a pain in the ass trying to connect the 2 input and 2 output cables without having them either sticking up in the air or pointing down towards your board, it's just an inherent problem with running stereo unless you go the MXR route and use TRS cables.


Here's one reason you see more side mount than top. Your average pedal is boss sized, how do you fit 4 jacks plus power on the top of that pedal? Here's the other issue, a lot of pedals are around an inch in height (chassis only not including knobs and switches), where are the knobs on most pedals? The top, what's underneath those knobs? Potentiometers. How much vertical space do they take up? About 3/8" to 1/2" in height. In a lot of cases, you either have to spend a lot of time laying out the guts right in order to make that all fit and jive (I'm not even including the pcb and other components yet), or you move the knobs closer to the center of the pedal, who all likes stomping on their knobs (that's gonna sound dirty) of their pedal? In the end, it's easier to put the jacks on the side, there's obviously an number of exceptions, but for small pedals, it's hard to go top mount. You could stack the jacks on top, if the enclosure is tall enough, but you'll definitely have to move the knobs towards the center of the pedal then.


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You just have to be a little creative. Smaller cables help a lot. Also usually if you put two pedals together with top mounted jacks, the foot switches end up being too close together anyway.

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