Computer for 11 Rack


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My own dumb fault.
Stupidly tried to install ProTools 10 without reading the system requirements first. PT 10s not compatible with XP.
I believe I have now registered PT 10, can't use it and now can't return it!

From what I've figured out I can do a clean load of Win 7 but that seems like a pain and I'm inept with computers.

I was thinking of buying a dedicated computer/laptop for it.
Any ideas for cheapest/effective route?

I know I can edit it from the front panel, but I can't download other people's presets.
I miss my Axe Fx II


Wow. If that's the only current/supported way to do the computer-side of controlling the 11R, I'd say that's unexpectedly stupid of them. XP, while on decline, is still very popular, if not the most common OS for the time being.

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