Computer recording newbie


I’d like to put some mutli-track recording software on my Laptop (it has Vista home version Premium) for as little cash as possible….What am I looking for? (At least 8 tracks would be fine, more even better, lol)…. This is just for a pre-production project studio for my self but, I would love to be able to add a few effects and actual do a listenable mix as well as maybe some simple arrangement editing.

I plan on running my Drum Machine (in stereo) and Line 6 POD (x3) in. What do I need to convert these in?

Back story – I have an Adat and Mackie setup with monitors, just not sure what I am looking for software-wise. I am uneducated and I feel it’s time to step up into the 2000’s…hahaha …

Thanks in advance.

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