Congratulations to Mitch Colby - Colby Amplification debut


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I just returned home form the LA Amp Show and had to rave about Mitch's new amp. It was by far and away the most expressive and right-hand dynamic amp I played at the show.

The 2-channel 50w head and 112 cab were just so musical and gig-ready useful. I love the idea of the channels sounding very similar, yet being able to add different levels of dirt and types of boost on the Drive channel. The first being a 'full-range' boost, and the second more of a 'mid' boost. Both can be combined as well.

Many two channel amps I've owned in the past had two distinct channels with different EQ shapes and tone. They sounded great at home, but I have struggled at gigs to "stay in the mix" when switching channels. If they are TOO dissimilar, one of the channels gets lost in the mix.

It was also refreshing to play a 6L6 driven amp again. So many EL84 and 6V6 amps in my quiver, I had forgotten the love of big bottles!

I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot of great tracks and gigs played on this amp. It is quite inspiring, indeed.

Congrats Mitch (and Jim!)

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I hung with them most if the weekend
Clips and photos to follow
Colby ampfilcation was the buzz of the show


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From the clips the Colby sounds like it is an alive amp. I really liked it.

Dimensions: (W) 21″, (H) 9″, (D) 9.5″
Weight: 40 lbs.
Power: 50 Watts with 6L6GC (55 Watts with EL34, 65 Watts with 6550)
Tubes: five 12ax7, two 6L6GC
Front panel controls and switches:
Clean channel: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Bright, Mid Shift
OD channel: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Gain, Master, Bright, Mid Shift, Bass Boost, Gain Boost 1, Gain Boost 2
Common: Channel Switch, Presence
Back panel controls and switches: On/Off, Standby, Bias jacks, Bias trim pot, Impedance selector, two speaker outputs, FX send and Return level controls , FX Send and Return jacks, Foot switch jacks
Price: $3,800
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I second this. I was very impressed with the 50 head and speaker combo. Very dynamic, killer cleans and a sweet transparent gain.

Great to meet Mitch and Jim, they're super cool folks. I wish them both lots of success with their new line of amps.

Mitch Colby

Hi guys, Thanks for the kind words. The response at the show was fantastic. I know the amp is expensive but that is the result making the best amp I can build. A result of choosing the best parts, the best construction and making an amp that takes time to build (but easy to work on). I don't expect to sell boatloads (been there, done that). But I do expect guitarists to be very happy with their sound and the interactive response of the amp.

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