CONN ORGAN AMP Conversion 5e3 tweed deluxe


Hello, I know there are a lot of forums on this, but I can't find anything on the model I have. Chassis says 95007, stamped conn n63r, 5 tubes. The amp worked perfectly In the organ it came out of.I'll attach pics below, but after looking at the 5e3 tweed deluxe schematic it looks like this would be a pretty easy conversion. Runs 2 12ab5s for power tubes(like a 6v6), 5y3gt rectifier, 0a3 voltage regulator which I was going to switch to a 9 pin 12ax7(this currently is a power amp only) and a 12ax7 I believe for the phase inverter. I put a grounded 3 prong In it already, can anyone leave any suggestions, a lot of the connections are the same as the 5e3, and it looks like a lot of the caps and resistors are close matches as well. Any info would be hugely appreciated, was thinking about unhooking it all adding a 5e3 pcb board for convenience and like I said changing the 0a3 to a 9 pin 12ax7. Paid about 25 bucks for the amp came with tubes, the pcb would be about 10 bucks, and then around 30 or 40 for extra caps, resistors, inputs etc and I'd have a tweed deluxe for around 75 bucks. Thanks guys, seems there may be an easier route than unhooking everything and starting fresh? Attached is a link with photos from ebay, trying to figure out how to add pics from my iPhone of the guts if anyone can let me know how to do that as well, sorry new to this site as a member, only see options to add links not pictures
Thank you all again for any info! Hugely appreciated

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