Cons of owning multiple guitars

I’m up to 4 guitars now. 2 Fender teles, a Novo, and a Gibson acoustic. Last year I just had two and life was easy. Alternate months for changing strings and cleaning was quick and easy. Now I’ve got the 4 and the oldest Tele is starting to act up with scratchy pots that need to be replaced. Then I spent a while changing 3 sets of strings last night. I don’t understand how people with large collections handle staying even on top of string changing. Another downside is with more than two electrics I seem to always be neglecting one which I don’t like.

Tell me your downsides of your collection.

*Updates: I have tried contact cleaner and it works on all the pots except the one mentioned, 14 year old guitar played an hour a day basically since I bought it new.
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One thing nobody mentions is that I personally don't know too many people with guitars and the ones at the stores are in terrible shape. So if I'm curious what a LP is like or what a Gretsch is like I'm left imagining it or playing one at GC with crusty strings.

What I love about having multiple at home is that I can play them whenever I want and they're all great and well maintained.
The only real con is how much grief the wife gives me for the space they take up in the storage room. The second con is that some get played very little.
Other than that, I have many guitars to pick from, they tend to get less play time each, so there is less maintenance and string changing (the dry climate and my tame body chemistry helps there).
Other than that, once or twice a year, I crack a beer or two, break them out, check the tuning, the neck relief and look for scratchy pots, loose hardware, etc... then give them a quick polish. A fun way to spend an afternoon.
Some sit for long periods. They are worth keeping around though because I like to change things up enough that eventually they’ll get used and I’m not browsing guitar ads on Reverb, eBay, or at the Brick and Mortar shops.

Its the same with amp sounds. I keep amps around because eventually they’ll make the rotation or I’ll get a bug to hear something I haven’t heard in awhile.
I leave my guitars out on a stand so downside is the strings on the ones I'm not currently playing regularly get rusty from sitting... also downside is the amount of strings you have to buy lol.

I've got 9 in my collection, and they're all different save for two Les Paul's but one's a '54 custom and the other is a R7 so different enough. My favorite part of owning that many guitars is that I tend to focus exclusively on 1-2 for a period of a month and then I get to continually re-discover my other guitars and get reminded how great the others are. It's like getting a new guitar every couple of months! If you do any tracking, it's great having a bunch of different colors available, and different guitars inspire me to play differently / write different parts as well. ymmv


(strat not mine)
Yes, hard cases take up a lot of storage space here.

I don't have any cons other than that. I look at the potential for option paralysis as well as the string change situation as means of weeding out the stuff I'm not using. I love all of my guitars but sometimes it ends up being obvious that one isn't getting played so much and that it would mean something more to someone else.
The only real downside for me is that with each new guitar, it means I'm spreading my play time more thinly across the whole collection. Several of my guitars clearly deserve more play time than I'm giving them. I have to be better about rotating them.
the main problem is the cost of strings. if you want to play multiple guitars at once, you have to keep them freshly strung. at least that's how i like it. and i found that if a guitar isn't played or is stored in a case at least, the strings get rusty, i've lost many fresh sets of strings like that... string up guitar, play it for a few days, decide to play different guitar, and then those strings are gone.

i like to use fresh strings especially, and usually go 2 weeks between changing. however i am currently playing 2 guitars and heavily favoring one. the less favored one gets played less and could use new strings, but it isn't getting the gunky rusty stuff that the others get when i put in the gig bag. however it definitely doesn't feel as nice as the freshly strung and daily used guitar

that's probably the only drawback. why are guitars in stores not well maintained and have gunky strings? i think that answers that question. if you had 30-50+ guitars would you really keep them all freshly strung?

i wanted to play one of my guitars that's fallen out of favor and been considering selling. but it's got gunky strings because i left it in a gig bag. and i don't really want to put on fresh strings because i'm just going to set it down again. or, i'll end up wasting a bunch of time setting it up, getting the action just right and the bridge just right, just to set it down and not use it for several months or ultimately sell it!
I think it depends on what your multiple guitars are and how much they vary from one to the next. For me, I have a Tele, a SSS Strat, a HSS Strat, a Tele with higher output pickups, and an LP. I could easily sell the second Tele; I just don't use it. I thought it would scratch my LP itch, but it did not. It's a great guitar, but it's no LP...not even close. The other 4 have very specific sounds and uses. On the other hand, I would have no need for 5 Teles.
I don't change the strings to change the strings. If the guitar needs it when its turn comes up to be played, it gets new strings. Unless you let dust get in them, pots generally don't just go bad without use, so unused guitars are in cases to prevent having to clean them all the time. Where I live the humidity is pretty good all year without having to worry about the wood.

It's just not that hard when you look at it that way.
I was thinking about similar this AM, even making a post on how you keep it in a catalog on when to rotate it for strings and set ups/ adjustments. I am not much of a DIY guy, so i rely solely on my dear guitar-tech, and drop off 4-5 guitars at a time , he takes about a week, and the next 4-5 go in, i do this for 4 weeks every 6 months. so lets say "seasonal". I have invested in some tools now, and will get to start practicing doing my own changes and adjustments. and as my knowledge grows, some will be left in different tunings as my repertoire of songs i can play grows.

if 4 gives you anxiety try 20 ish guitars, as hard as i try view myself as a serious home player, i am in reality a serious home player collector. I enjoy acoustic as much as i do electric, so double trouble lol. i also hate casing guitars, so 8 are racked (my acoustics) and 7 electrics are wall hung, and my main players 2 acoustic and 2 electric are on stands next to my studio desk and by my couch in my "office".

the main expensive is upkeep and my aversion to casing them. i am fortunate and grateful to have a dedicated climate controlled room, with almost no dust. My dogs don't ever present a problem, no kids to worry about, and an understanding wife.

most of my practice is done on only 1-4 guitars, i don't really want to spend hours doing scales and modes and technique exercises on my higher end guitars. so i have my practice/ play guitars, and on weekends i pull down most of my collection and just enjoy my weekend playing some for 15min and some longer or one for the day, but most get play time every week or two weeks.

i wash my hands every time i grab a guitar, wipe the strings, use a string coater thingie, and only use elixir or Di coated strings, so they last me 6 months with clean hands and consistent care.

all my guitars are suitably "different" in pick ups , configurations, and such, to prevent too much redundancy, but in reality i could get away with 2-3 guitars.

Many a day i wish i was a one gunner, learning that instrument ins and outs, and an amp. In the end i realised i enjoyed the research and purchasing and trading just as much, although i hate selling any of them. it is what it is, everything has pros and cons. I know some are art and wall hangers, some sentimental, and some money place holders (not a very reliable one but whatever)

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