Considering a Yamaha SA 2200 need info


Thinking of getting an SA 2200. Have read good things. Any info or comments welcome.

What's the neck carve like on these? Poly or nitro? Good used price for a pretty minty one?

One odd thing, the SN system is kind of weird, the year of manufacture is specified by a single letter, they only use 10 which repeat so for example an H can be a '61, '71,'81 etc.


Great guitars. I do recall not liking the feel of the neck on my SA-2200. It was too wide and shallow for my hands. The fret board radius was probably very large. Otherwise, it was really nice. I think it was a 2001 model.

Yamaha 1421

I have owned almost every high end Yamaha SA guitar model they made I just sold a super rare SA2200 that was Pearl White Metallic...........only one ever made!.......... had a medium C shape profile neck. There is a very nice one on The Hamer Fan Club Forum for $1,300.00 looks to be in excellent shape The one with the big chunky neck profile is the SA1200S [SOLID SPRUCE TOP MODEL] there is one on Ebay at this moment for under $1,000.00.Any other questions regarding these guitars drop me a PM glad to help.
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