Consistency and Uniformity


Who here has:

More than 2 of the same amp?

More than 3 of the same brand?


All amps of the same brand?

I have all Marshalls (nine + the 9v micro stack). Of those I have a '78 2203 JMP, a '07 2203KK, and at least 3 Marshalls that have some sort of 2203 homage to them (JCM1, MF350 Amp1, etc). Marshalls were the amps of my heroes/the sound in my head and I see no reason to complicate what works, especially since I don't try to play every style on the map.

The 2203 circuit is the closest to my heart in terms of influences. I never found the right 2203 and ended up with a lot of Marshalls that had something close to the 2203, but not quite. Then I bought a 2203KK which would have precluded 3 or 4 Marshall purchases if I got that first. And just when I finished a reasonably complete collection, a 2203 JMP with right price appears. God help me if the same thing occurs with a 2204 or 70s NMV JMP.

Who among you falls into one or more of these categories, what do you have, and why?


Before I realized that tube amps sound better for me, I once needed lots of wattage and I owned 3 Fender Frontman 2x12s, the most watt/dollar amp I've ever seen. And the clean sounded like a Fender.

On a related humorous note, I've owned either 3 or 4 Marshall Class5s at different times, and could never get comfortable with them.
And I owned 5 to 7 Vox Pathfinders at different times (2 at once, one time), and I think I'm going to keep this last one I have.

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