contributing factors still firmly in place ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dave Shoop, Dec 7, 2017.

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    my boy is negative 3 months. let's take a look at my response that you quoted
    I understand you're getting to the worn out trope of "you don't understand unless you're a parent," but I didn't make a judgment, shame or give parenting advice; just my opinion of what I expect is a parent's responsibility. it was more or less a question. while actual parenting advice should probably be left to parents, I'll tell you that as a soon-to-be father I don't believe I'll have some supernatural insight that gives me the right to shut other people down. the act of procreation doesn't make anyone special. people have been doing it since the beginning of people
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    I disagree with your premise.

    Young girls are exposed to all sorts of messages in culture. Beyonce looks great, but she's absolutely a role model. Hell, Lego has a Women of NASA set out for Christmas. there are empowerment messages all over. I don't think there's a single message so I can't answer your question.
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    And I'd counter with some death metal and we'd both be sharing a bunk at Club Mod.

    If you think hip hop has a corner on the market of sexually explicit lyrics, you need to broaden your listening, or not.
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