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Control Cavity sheilding: necessary on a 2-humbucker partscaster?


Gold Supporting Member
I'm about to assemble my 2 humbucker super strat tomorrow. Is control cavity sheilding absolutely necessary, or is it mainly for single coil guitars?


Platinum Supporting Member
If your switching involves coil-tapping then yes, if not then no. That said, it's something you can go back and do later if necessary.


The dual coils of the humbucker stop the PICKUP from picking up mains hum and other noise.

Shielding the cavity stops the OTHER ELECTRONICS (pots, switches, wiring, etc.) from picking up RF interference and other noise. You might randomly have a run of wire that acts as a perfect radio antenna -- I've seen it! Shielding will stop this.

Bottom line: shield it.

It's fairly easy and cheap and it can't hurt.

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