Convert To Bass Amp?


Let me start by saying :rotflmao and :bonk

I have to switch over to bass in my band, since we cant find a bassist worth their weight in dog turds (that is not already gigging).

I probably need to buy a bass amp, but since I have been in the mode of learning amp repairing and modding, and headed toward amp building (at least one), I wonder how different it is to either build a tube bass amp, or modify an existing amp to cover the gig.

A lot of bass amps have 4x10 spkrs, and I have a Peavey Classic 50 4x10. If I replace the Clean channel 12AX7 with a 12AU7, will it work? Will it blow out the cab? Should I leave this forum and never show my face again?

I also have a JCM800 combo, any possibilities there?

Or do I sell something and get into a bass amp, and stop this nonsense?



It's the speakers that can't handle the bass frequencies. Buy a bass extension cab and you could run it with a guitar amp. But it depends on how much volume you need. Guitar amps get away with low wattage by comparison. The amps you have may not have the clean head room to get above the drummer. A tube swap won't help. If I was gigging bass in a rock band, I'd start with a 200w bass tube amp or a 400w SS amp. Also, there is not the stigma with solid state in the bass world.


Solid State amps are actually what most non-rock star salary Bassists are playing these days. You can find used solid state bass amps on the cheap.


100W minimum for a tube amp. Ampeg V-4B, Music Man HD-130, Fender Bassman 100/135.


The transformers, in particular the output trannies, are different on bass amps. It's a bit harder to pass low frequencies so money is often saved on guitar versions (like the Bandmaster vs. the Bassman) on the output tranny.

Now that you have a real bass amp. Find a decent 4-10. I actually used to use two 2-10s. One SWR Goliath and one Eden XLT, together. I liked the blend of the two boxes better than either manufacturers 4-10 cabs. Ran this with everything from a GK RB400 to a BBE preamp/Mackie1400 power amp combo. Now I have a Euphonic Audio combo that I put on top the Eden cab. 3-10's is enough for me to hear myself if I'm filling in on bass in a casual. My son has one of the SWR drivers in his car as a sub.

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