Convince me to buy a Turbo Tuner


This would be one of the most expensive pedals I've bought (I buy all used stuff and don't own a klon haha) AND IT'S A TUNER. Basically, I'm deciding between the Polytune, Pitchblack, and Turbo Tuner. I feel like these will be much easier to see than the TU-2. I can get the other two much cheaper used than a new Turbo Tuner since everyone loves theirs and don't want to sell which should speak enough. Is there really THAT much of a diffence in a few cents of accuracy? Will it be noticeable? Sell it to me.


For me I love how fast it responds and how easy it is to use. (once you get used to which way to turn your tuning pegs in relation to the lights) My tu2 is ok but is always on my stay at home board. Of course it is also small too!


Any tuner on the market will get your instrument in tune. Just buy whatever your gut instinct is. All the ones you listed are just fine. Even a TU-2 works just fine. I saw Carbon Leaf play about a week ago, and Carter's got a sicker selection of gear than almost anyone on here... and he had 3 TU-2s on stage. Sounded in tune to me. I find on almost any guitar I have to use my ears still to tune it absolutely perfectly anyway.

Just use what works for you. You don't need the crowd to convince you.*


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How much accuracy do you need? Answer that, and you'll have an easier time choosing.
For less than $20, the clip on Snark SN8 is plenty accurate for gigs. It's easy to see and fast to respond. But stomp box wise, I've found none more accurate than the Turbo Tuner.
When you're talking a few cents accuracy, I don't think you'll notice a difference unless you're intonating instruments. If a tuner doesn't have to be sexy - and it sounds like it doesn't from your post - then let your budget and preference be your guide.


There are more expensive tuners, yet the Turbo gets the nod quite emphatically by MANY TGPers.

It has a much smaller footprint than your other options.
Relative to the Pitch Black that it replaced, I find it far easier to tune more accurately, more quickly.
Unlike the PB (unsure of Poly), it is programmable, and has preprogrammed sweetened tunings/temperments.
Batteries last FOREVER in this pedal if you're not running power. Seriously, I'm over a year.

I'm sure that others will chime in, but throw up a WTB ad in the emporium. There are a lot deals to be had. Even at full price it is, IMHO, worth it.
There's no contest between the Turbo Tuner and the other two you listed.

Is it worth the cost difference? Yes



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The Turbo Tuner is the best tuner on the market:

Small footprint
Being highly in-tune helps your equipment sound better...especially effects
Easy to read

Worth every penny!
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I was a Turbo Tuner skeptic. I bought one for use doing intonation (where, yes, the extreme accuracy is crucial), and found it was so fast and easy to use on a gig or in a rehearsal, and with it I managed to get my guitars in much better tune (nope, no post tuning re-tuning by ear; and yes, it's a difference I can hear), that it's stayed on my board ever since, in fact it's pretty much the only indispensable pedal I own.


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Just it get already. It is the best! Sell it here quite easily if not.
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yep, out of those three its the best and worth it
once you get used to such accuracy its hard to go back to less accurate tuners that say "yeh its kinda in tune" in a vague wobbly way

I had a strobostomp before that, but the turbo is smaller and maybe a bit faster too.
it did take a little time to learn how to read it, but once you get it, you got it :)


They do turn up used from time to time--I bought mine used, but, truth be told, a used one probably won't be that much cheaper than new. I think I saved maybe 10-15 bucks compared to a new one. The secret to buying used is, have your funds ready, and don't be in a panic to buy. The right deal will come along.


Having tried all three, Turbo Tuner is the best (by no small margin).

If you don't buy into the whole accuracy thing (you should, btw), the speed alone is worth the difference. Seriously, no more waiting around for the note to "lock in". Oh, and there are customizable presets too.

If for some reason you're disappointed, you can sell at minimal loss, unlike the others.


I have a Polytune, and love it, it is absolutely great for live playing. The Turbo is a nice unit and tracks Extremely quickly which is great, but the ability to hit all 6 strings to see what is out quick has made tuning much less of a chore on stage.

In terms of accuracy, the Turbo is .02 as opposed to .5 for the Poly. That's POINT, in other words that's 1/50th of a cent and 1/2 of a cent. While the Turbo is technically 25 times more accurate, it's already in the relm of inaudible. Just know that since you said a few cents, it's not at all. The poly is very accurate as is.

That said, the downside to the Turbo in my opinion is that strobe display. I personally could never get used to them. And I do question how accurate an led one like this really is because, for it to be .02 of a cent that's quite possibly beyond the precison capabilities of most tuning machines, but yet it seems to turn solid. Unless it's a true wave on a screen, I don't trust it to be as accurate as claimed. I'm not saying this company is making a false claim, I'm merely saying that I'm not convinced that what and how it displays is as accurate as how much it can actually sense.

Anyway, I'd simply say either of the units mentioned is great for the stage. Buy whichever one you like the features of more and fits your budget best, good luck. I will say that the Turbo is a good deal compared to the similar but slower Strobo.


Wanted a polytune originally (used a friends for ages when i gigged), came across a USED (gasp) turbo tuner over in the emporium about a week and a half ago...just got it today and MAN! what a difference. If you can find one used, GET IT

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