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Cool Band from NC


If you have some time check out The Avett Brothers, these guys are about my age and grew up a county over from me. I have no affiliation with them but a lot of my friends are listening to them.

They play a mix of rock and bluegrass but they are a really versatile band and have a lot of songs with a lot of different sounds and influences. Their style is very raw and boisterous but I've grown to love it the more I listen.

If you're into indie stuff or if you like bluegrass, country or rock, you should give this band a listen.

Good sounds are coming out of North Carolina.


Great band, fantastic live as well. They've gotten much bigger than they were just a few years ago too.


I haven't seen them in a while. First time I saw 'em a few years back, they played a little arts festival with maybe 100 people there. It's crazy thinking about how they've blown up in the past few years. They write some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard in my life and always sound fresh to my ears, no matter how much I've listened to them.

John Thigpen

Gold Supporting Member
After reading about them in the Charlotte Observer for about two years, I finally watched some Youtube videos about three months ago, and bought three of their CD's. They're great songwriters. I recommend you check out the Youtube videos for Paranoia in Bb Major, Shame, and Pretty Girl From Chile (I like the first half much better than the second).


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