Cool Blues Jam experience - Karma like


I am in Williamsburg, VA on Army business this week and searched and found some nearby blues jams on the web before I left. I brought with me my Swart ASTR, ad Xotic BB preamp and my '98 ES335 Vintage Dot. (Great tone BTW)

Last night I called the jam I planned on going to prior and they cancelled. I searched the web again and found one closer in Hampton, VA at Goodfella's.

I arrive and the place looks familiar - very familiar. I know that I have been here before. Even the host of the jam looks familar.

I asked the bartender how long this jam has been running and she says about 9 years.

Then I remember - I was here in 2001 when I was up at Langley AFB to go through the altitude chamber for HALO school!

The host then remembers me as well!

They were handing out some awards to local players and bands as part of the event that night and after a local bass player gets an award I ask him to play with me when get up....

After our three-song set the bass player recognizes me as well and turns out he played with me 9 years ago there as well....


I was a great jam and it my short set went well and the crowd was into it...

I just love playing music....



Excellent! With all the out of control variables at a Jam is'nt it the best feeling when it actually goes down well and sounds great!!

Jam On!

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