'Coolest' Guitar That You Own


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Early 70's Gibson Les Paul Signature. Modified.


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I was dating my GF for five years before I found out that the gnarly, generic-looking Jaguar she kept in an even gnarlier case in the back of a closet wasn't some Asian copy from the early 80's but an actual pre-CBS 1963 Fender. At the time I was into guitars but didn't know much about vintage ones, and this had been so poorly modified (and treated) by the previous owner that I just didn't think much of it. You might be thinking I'm a moron (you'd be right), but the decal had fallen off the headstock, there were two different kinds of string trees, some of the dot inlays were crooked, the knobs stuck out like a half inch above the body...the only thing recognizable was the Fender tremolo, but I just thought that was added on like the aftermarket 80's tuners that the headstock had been drilled out for (ouch).

I posted a pic on a forum about it and someone noticed that the side dots were clay. I was encouraged to take off the neck and look at the heel. Whaddya know... The 5-digit serial number on the neck plate made a lot more sense all of a sudden
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so do you Herman Li it on stage to show everyone the manufacture date?


I am sure it's been done before, but...

What is your 'coolest' guitar?

I'm talking about the one that you pull out and (figuratively) strut around like Mick Jagger. Or go full on Ingvey. The one that makes you feel good. The one that makes you feel like you are 200% better than you might actually be.

Nothing to do with actual ability.

Nothing to do with cost, or 'look at how rare this is'.

Just the 'awesome' factor.

For me it is my daily drive - my Schecter Hellraiser.

Yes, it has a name. No, I am not telling you what that is. But it is the one that makes me want to play every day.

What is yours?
Wait !!! Jagger does not play guitar, so does that mean my air guitar ???


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This was one. Sadly, the neck fit had some issues (needed shims badly) and the soft coat body covering showed flaws and was a pain to clean. That and liking other guitars better tonally made me sell it, but it was really cool!

I’ve been a Gretsch fan for a while (I’m a big guy and large Hollowbodies are my comfort zone), this is my favorite ready to throw down guitar:

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I’m sure people are sick of me posting it, but I don’t care. I’m obsessed with this one. The chunky neck, the Dynasonics, the Bigsby, the relicing - it rocks and I pick it up every single day.
I have a fierce shark too! I think it's awesome especially the headstock.

Guitar gods

Some really amazing looking guitars here. Here's a selection of my favourite guitars in my collection.


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To me, a guitar being "cool" is about the guitar itself. It is not about me looking "cool" while I am playing it. I would much rather somebody think that I am "cool" or "awesome" because I played some interesting stuff. That might be one of the reasons, but not the only reason, why I drill and practice regularly. Another reason is so I will like my own guitar playing. And another reason is because I want to consistently level up as I get older.

The most awesome guitar I have ever played is my Les Paul TV Model. I reckon I think it looks cool because I like the design. But its awesomeness is about how it plays and sounds. It is also one of the guitars I have on which I can play all of the music I would ever want to play on an electric guitar.

This guitar is cool, I reckon, because it was previously owned by Dexter Romweber who played it with Flat Duo Jets.

I have this Aria.

I also have this Bradley. But I took the sticker off of it. It was made by Fujigen Gakki in about 1976. Other than the headstock shape it is identical to a particular Ibanez Les Paul copy that was available at the time.
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Maybe you can get NPR to correct the spelling of Doc Kupka's name in the description then? :knitting

Also, to actually contribute to this thread, the only guitar currently in my possession:

*****! gotta check that!

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