Copying Cello's & Buffer question


Good evening guys,

i got some questions occuring the last weeks. One step after another:

I decided my way to go on electric guitar - "neo" classic in the most classical way. I want to transcribe most of the violin and cello concerts from Dvorak, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and so on. The question: My amp is not capable of creating such flawless amounts of gain so i need a pedal doing it for me.

My intention was a Mad Prof Stone Grey Distortion together with a EHX Micro POG - i will have flawless gain and the deepness of a cello.
Am i right here?

Another question occurs to me because of the amount of pedals on my board. There are a Delay, Distortion, Looper and Tuner - all true bypass. (Except the looper of course but it is just for training sessions)

How much will my tone suffer from the pedals? I am playing through 2x 3m cable and those 4 pedals. Is a buffer needed?



I'm confused- you need pedals to transcribe music? Just get a pad of paper.

It seems a bit of a fool's errand to attempt to copy the sound of a cello 1:1 with an electric guitar. Transcribe the parts, transpose them, then play them on guitar.

Contrary to popular belief, 3-6 pedals isn't going to wreck your tone. If even a single pedal is engaged, then it will do essentially what a buffer does.


I wouldn't be concerned about needing a buffer with those few pedals. Use your ear and decide, but I doubt you'll need to worry about it.

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