cordovox cg amp / tone generator

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  1. mojoworker

    mojoworker Member

    Jan 22, 2012
    hi -

    i recently purchased an old 2 cabinet system from cordovox (or the chicago musical istrument company), the cordovox 'CG'. it is a power amp based on 2 7591s and 2x12" Jensen speakers connected to a preamp/tone generator with upwards of 30-40 tubes. as i understand it was intended for accordion amplification (?) it has a very cool vibe and what look to be good components as far as transformers, speakers, are concerned. i am hoping to analyse it and eventually convert it into a simpler one cabinet system with a simpler preamp to be used for guitar. if anyone has schematics for the system, information on it or just ideas about it, their input would be greatly appreciated -


  2. zenas

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    Jul 1, 2011
    No info but I picked up tone generator cab wish I could have got the amp cab as well. Got it for 20 bucks. Had about 5 12ax7s that all were good and a butt load of tubes I may never use. I've used a few caps out of it for amp builds. (cause I'm cheap)
  3. smolder

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    Jun 16, 2008
    Central Rocky Mountains
    Both parts of a similar (or same) model just sold on eBay. I was really only interested in the JBL d120's in the power amp, but it looked interesting.

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