Cornish G2 Overdrive Clone - Big Price Drop for Quick Sale

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    Apr 18, 2014
    Hey all.

    Normally £200 RRP, and still selling for that in a few local music stores. I've two units in my personal possession which I need a quick sale on.

    £150 for immediate purchase with free postage - open to decent best offers.

    Here is a video demo: Bat-Drive Video Demo

    Website:Rafferty Electronics Handmade Pedals

    Pics and Description Below.

    Finally - here is the product description:

    This hand made overdrive is a hot-rodded, modified version of the famous Pete Cornish G-2 Overdrive; the original of which was used heavily by Dave Gilmour. The G-2 pedal was on Dave's from rig 1999, was used on the 2001/02 semi-acoustic shows, 2005 Live 8 and 2005/06 On an Island recording sessions as well as several guest appearances between 1999-2012. The G2 was also featured in David’s 2006 touring board and used for many of the performed songs. The original G-2 is not available in shops and costs almost £500 to order. The original G-2 is not available in shops and costs almost £500 to order.

    The circuitry of the original is loosely based on that of the well known Muff overdrive series. This particular pedal's circuitry includes additional modifications to allow for wider tonal and increased gain range, allowing you to dial in brighter sounds and tighter gain with more on tap - giving it maximised versatility. Its basically a replica of the G-2 with the addition of improved military grade components and wider range and versatility. The circuitry's clipping sections are all upgraded with high quality BAT41 diodes (Hence the name, Bat-Drive). It also includes high end Panasonic and Greencap audio grade capacitors along with specially selected transistors.

    Sounds & Operation:

    Flight - This is a gain control which also unlocks the pedals impressive sustain capabilities. At higher settings notes can ring out for extremely long periods of time.

    Night/Day - This is a highly versatile tone control which allows you to access the large range of sounds the Bat-Drive has on offer. Full 'Day' settings allows for a natural, open sound with a little bit of added brightness and treble tightening. Higher gain settings at full 'Day' will give you modern rock rhythm and lead sounds. Closer to the 12 O'clock position, you can access vintage 70's style rock tones - Dark jazz and blues tones at lower gain. Full 'Night' settings allows you to access a darkness not commonly found in most Overdrives pedals. At lower gain settings this can give you gnarly, garage rock sounds reminiscent of White Stripes, Black Keys etc. At higher gain settings on a bridge single-coil; the 'Night' setting will give you a rolled-off tone sound akin to the Dark Side Of The Moon, Gilmour lead tone.

    Experiment with more extreme settings - Turn the 'Flight' control up full, go full 'Night', then flip to a neck hum-bucker for grungy Stoner Rock and Sludge Metal.

    Volume - This will need to be adjusted accordingly to your 'Flight' gain settings, and amplifier volume. With high 'Flight' settings, the volume will need to be rolled back to match the bypassed signal. There is also a lot of extra volume on tap so that this pedal may be used as a boost or amp driver, depending on the application.


    Thanks for your time.

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