Correct sizing for replacement 2 point pivot tremolo for 50's/60's classic c players Strat


I've been looking for a budget friendly Strat.I currently have an Eric Johnson RW Start, plus am building one now (scored a 1-piece EXTREMELY light weight ash body, ordering a Warmoth vin/mod Wolfgang profile, 1/4 sawn maple neck with dark Indian rosewood, Callaham tremolo, etc.)
I've found the 50's & 60%s classic players to be a good, solidly built MIM(with the exception of the polyester finish, yuk, iv hate that thick finish. Probably strip it, because I cannot leave well enough alone).
Anyway, I know right off the bat, the tremolo is coming off. While Callaham doesn't make v2-point trem plates, KGC does, and I'm going to use their high mass brass blocks anyway.

They sell plates for American standard and American deluxe. Does anyone know the correct sizing? I'm write then and find out. But usually an answer posts before I hit send on the email to the company

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