Could an M13, M9 (or perhaps POD HD) control and AxeFX (or 11 Rack) via MIDI


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Thoughts? I see both the M9 and M13 have midi in/out and I'm just wondering if it would somehow be possible to control FX on and off in the AxeFX using one of these? Or is it the other way around, another midi controller could be used to turn M products FX on and off?
Basically what I'm trying to do is be greedy and get the absolute best bang for my buck by spending a little more on an L6 stompbox setup than say, a Midimate and be able to control AxeFX via midi (presents and possibly even FX on/off) AND the pedals from the M9 or M13...


The M13/M9 can't really act as a controller. It's send capability is extremely limited. However, you can control it pretty well externally. You can select a scene and turn effects within the scene on and off via an external controller. You can also control the looper externally. You can't access and edit individual FX parameters externally.

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RafterRattler pretty much nailed it. The M9/13 doesn't have much midi transmit flexiblity. It's much better at accepting midi commands than sending them


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The Behringer FCB1010 is a damn fine product and not too expensive on the used market. With the Uno chip in it you can program it to control both units and have it making multiple changes with the push of a single stomp pedal.


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Well it works in a way. I can use it to change channels on my Flextone III. I haven't gone much deeper. Changing effects inside the patch changes things also so for now latch mode is a must. I'm going to try it with my 11R (thats a different story) when I get home.
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