could MY guitars been the problem is this horrible 3 year long tone search?

Discussion in 'Guitars in General' started by hithere, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. hithere

    hithere Member

    Dec 26, 2008
    hey guys usually I am over in the amps forum, but after today I am rather curious as to if I have been neglecting the other end, the guitars.

    I have an ibanez artcore, that I love.

    I have been playing through fender blackface reissue amps and have used pedals with my twin reverb, and princeton reverb for drive sounds.

    as far as I can recall I never had a problem with getting a useable sound.

    I had been looking at getting a british amp, but today got play extensively on a friends new dsl 50. Everything would be great!

    had it not been for my telecaster and strat. I figured single coils were maybe not for me, (I think clean is great, but struggling with drive tones)

    I think these two guitars have led me to think that the pedals or the amps were the problem. I have been told many times great guitar playing can shine through different rigs, and honestly playing the marshall was great, but it didn't change the fact that these particular guitars are possibly my issue.

    The tele, is an american standard bought a year or so ago, I honestly think that over my 3 times of taking it to samash to get setup, that they have not done it correctly, the guitar while completely playable, seems to have this buzz harsh sound, almost like the strings are too close to the pickups.

    My strat, is my first guitar, a mexi one, that hasn't be setup for ages, and growing up used to think sounded good, it sounds alright through my roland cube, but drive is still a challenge especially through my fender with drive pedals.

    I can't tell you have many drive pedals I sold, only now to realize that I sold them for not working well with my single coil guitars, but being great with my artcore.

    the other day I played a american strat through a tiny terror, and getting a drive sound was effortless.

    needless to say, I am little confused.
  2. Garrett Bagby

    Garrett Bagby Member

    Nov 8, 2003
    It's important to keep in mind that the Artcore is a completely different beast from a Tele or Strat, so some adjustments may be required when switching back and forth. Experiment with pickup heights on your Fenders and the EQ settings on your amps. You can keep one OD pedal on the board for the Ibanez and one for the Fenders if you want. Maybe add gain when you're using the single coils. Lots of tweaks to do.

    Also be aware that a Tele or Strat just plain won't do OD the same way as your Ibanez will. That's one reason so many of us have multiple guitars. I play my Strat for blues and my Custom 24 for hard rock, for example. And then there's finding a middle ground: you can put a humbucker in the bridge spot of your Strat or some hot pickups in your Tele to do a decent job of everything.
  3. GreenKnight18

    GreenKnight18 Member

    May 12, 2008
    Totally agree that drive pedals respond differently to humbuckers vs. single coils. Some pedals seem to prefer one type over the other.

    Also, guitars get along better with different amps too. Of course, personal preference has more to do with anything, but there are reasons why a lot of Les Pauls are played through Marshalls, and Strats and Teles through Fender Amps. They just seem to be more compatible.

    Also-- Fender Amps are usually designed to be played clean. Tiny Terror amps are pretty much designed to be pushed into that overdrive tone (though they can be played clean as well).
  4. Nuclearfishin

    Nuclearfishin Supporting Member

    Feb 20, 2007
    The tone knob is your friend on your tele! Dial it down and try a few things--none of my guitars are a straight swap into the amp without tweaking something, if even just a little.
  5. jmoose

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    Feb 15, 2008
    Earth, NYC metro
    Well, first things first... I wouldn't really trust or even expect anyone working at a Scam Cash to do a full-on setup & have it come out on top. Find a real tech or an reputable independent store with a tech and have them do it, or better yet... learn to do your own setups. It'll save you money in the long run.

    Going beyond that, while the Am Std. & MIM's are decent guitars in their own right the pickups are fairly subpar. You could put in some Fralins or Duncans... DiMarzios... Rio Grande... lots of good choices and you'd have wholly new, better sounding instruments.

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