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Could you experts point me towards who makes this amp?

Young Dad

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Does anyone make this:
Princeton circuit- black or brown face
Reverb and tremolo
12” speaker
Some kind of master volume/attenuator

I’m assuming this has been asked before, my apologies. I tried searching and only came up with Milkman. Thanks
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Ime, there is one amp that comes close to doing what you want in that it has one preamp that is similar to the 6G2 Princeton, one preamp that if based on the AB763 circuit, has reverb and tremolo, runs a 12” speaker, and has an attenuator. That would be the Tone King Imperial MKII.
The brown 6G2 is based on the tweed 5F11 Vibrolux…simple tone stack which does not suck gain from the circuit. The BF AB763 preamp has a more complicated tone stack. The 6G2 is a hotter, livelier amp than the BF. The TK Imperial MKII does both of those th8ngs.


I love my Fat Jimmy Jimmy Jr. It's a Princeton-style amp that's a mix of Black, Brown, and Tweed. It has amazing Reverb and Trem, but no attenuator. An external attenuator may be worth considering so you don't have to limit your options as much.

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