Craigslist ad: "No veterans and blues-rockers"


I dunno, i think it's a good ad. I know what they want and it sounds like they have their act together. I'm not even close to the skill level they're looking for, nor do i live in ny so i have no dog in this race.

But when a non-blues non-rock band wants a guitarist (especially in a megalopolis), they probably get tons of mediocre guitarists. Hell, if you took every musician in the world, stuck em in a stadium, and threw a rock into the crowd, you'd probably hit a mediocre guitarist.

In tan pants.

I get why they're frustrated.


Or ifallalot is correct and this group are delusional, bunch of dream theatre wannabes who just like looking down their noses at the masses. Who really knows?

OP, go try out and let us know if they can bring it!


I think they had some bad experience. Totaly agree. Why waste precious time with 30 guys when only 3 fit your needs.
To have a solid job means that your band mates don’t have to deal with your unpaid bills.
This guy just want to save himself from some headache in a kind of unusual way.
„No old poor blues guy who doesn’t come to rehearsal because of the long
train ride“ would have been enough.

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