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A few more to add to that list.
"Awesome sound" Means. Sounds just like all the other Fender/Gibson/Gretsch guitars with the same pickups. The Grand Canyon is awesome, the sound of an electric guitar is rarely "awesome".
"Collectors item" Let the collectors decide that chum and good luck selling your overpriced piece of crap.
"Old refin" Who cares when it was refinished, it has been fiddled with and is therefore worth nothing.
"Never gigged" Why? is it not any good then? If it is a good guitar and in good condition it does not matter that it has been on a stage and played by a real guitarist.
"Pro set up" By whom pray tell, on its own this phrase means absolutely nothing.
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That's pretty good, though on my local CL "Vintage" means less than 10 years old and "rare" means you can buy it new in Guitar Center.


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Custom made - I bought a second off-the-rack kit after I ruined this one learning how to solder.

Affordable classic - It was a Christmas catalog embarassment when it was new but hey, at least its old.

Loads of character, a real player's piece - I wiped my finger jam and spilled beer off this once a year, whether it needed it or not

Great reviews (HC link) - 9 out of 10 gear buyers agree that it is fun to congratulate themselves on their own good taste

Built like a tank - Unmoveable. Turn you head to the left and cough, please

Not a single scratch anywhere - I spent a small fortune to learn an index finger version of Smoke on the Water and then realized I'm hopeless
Looks great under stage lights: Needs the lights turned off to appreciate the looks
Now I've got a guitar that looks all plain and everything, but under stage lights, looking down at it- the only way the flame really shows up


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I always like the "these sell brand new for $X. Buy mine for $Z and save!". With $X being high, $Z being just less than high, and $Y would represent real used market value and considerably less than $Z, but not an option the seller considers!


My warning sign on CL or evil bay is when an excuse is made for selling it...

- got one just like it, this one has to go
- great but I am not a fuzz guy
- I am moving and need the money

Who cares, just list he specs and sell it. If you have to admit something, just admit that you hate it. With todays search features the person is reading your ad because he WANTS the item, and could give a rats ass of your reason for unloading it.


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I'm selling for a friend.......Been under the bed for 40 years, was my dad's, 100% original except for the refin and some parts and the case and 2 of the 3 pickups which don't work.

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