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Craigslist funny guys


Are all craigslist users like this or just in my city?

Has this ever happened to you? You see a guitar for a too good to be true price and you contact them immediately and its either a fake email/number or some unsuspecting person who has no idea what your talking about. Usually some high end Fender/Gibson guitar for less than half of what they usually sell for. Its happened to me too many times. I guess its a fun little joke people like to do around here.

Anyone else experience these "joke" postings?
Yes, and most annoying, the “Crying Craigslist Police” who post ads starting with “RE:” and then go off on a childish tirade about someone elses listing and how they are, A) insane for listing at that price and their thoughts on the RIGHT price, B)listing in a misleading way, or C) both A and B.

I usually flag these kids, because it takes away any hint of “professionalism” that Craigslist might have and turns it into a flame war consisting of middle-school level mockery, insults and bad grammar.

Whether or not it helps idiots not get ripped off, I have no idea. I tend to think otherwise.

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