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Craigslist Scam?


I’m selling a guitar in Craigslist and get the following response:

Thanks for the swift response. I’m satisfied with the price and the condition on the list, kindly withdraw the advert from the list and consider it sold. I would have loved to come and take a look and purchase with cash but due to the Coronavirus social distancing I will add extra $50 with the original price while you remove the ads. I will overnight a Cashier's Check/ Certified Check to you and I will make the pick up arrangement as soon as you have the check clear and you have your cash, I'll need you to provide me with the following information to overnight the Payment :

Name to be on the payment ...........
Address to mail the check to ........
City, state and Zip code ............
Last Asking price...................
Phone number to text you on ........

The check will be overnight to you asap and deliver to you within 24hours. hope to read back from you soon
this is a scam right??

mr. moon

Yes! Turn it over to the folks at "419eater.com" forum and let them bait the scammer(s) - it's fun watching them bait and mess around with the scammers. Or, just ignore it. Normal CL stuff.


Silver Supporting Member
Yup, old scam with a new Covid twist. Usually they can't come see the item in person because they're in another state for whatever reason.

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