Crate blue voodoo 150


I have the opportunity of buying a crate blue voodoo head 150 + cab.
I've read different opinions in the net and some were good and some were bad.
What are your opinions? Does anyone owned it with satisfaction?
What about the distortion channel?

Hallo all and thank you!

Silent Sound

I've never owned one, but I had a friend with one. It seemed to work alright. The tone didn't blow me away or anything. I don't recall him ever having problems with it, so it's at least somewhat reliable. It was his main gigging amp too, and he played about a show a month, or so.

I'd say, it depends. Test it out if you can (or youtube some samples of it if you can't. Not the best way to get a feel for an amp, but it beats reading internet opinions about it). You may like the tones from this amp; you may not. Like I said, I wasn't too thrilled with it, but I could see it working for some people. Also, it depends on the price. They're usually pretty cheap on the used market, so value wise, it may not be a bad score. But don't pay too much for one. They don't resale too well, so you don't want to get stuck with a huge loss if you wind up finding something better later on down the road.


I know the 150 is a little different from the 120 head supposedly in a good way. that being said the BV120 is a much disliked amp by many. I've had a couple and didn't mind them at all. they have their own sound to be sure. I've even done a youtube video on the BV120 because I wanted to show the strengths because there are tons of "bad" videos on YT. it's a good amp that doesn't have much resale value.

also, the other guitarist in my last 2 bands (same guy) has been using one since they were released and probably will never play another amp. he just loves it. all I can suggest is play it. if you dig it, buy it


I adopted a BV60 combo an acquaintance left behind at a shop (with my phone #) before skipping town.

The clean was pretty decent and it took pedals well enough. The crunch was a rung or two above the horrible SS Crate beesnest, but not very good. The jacks are flimsy. The amps are a good buy for a practice space amp in an area that is potentially vulnerable to break-ins or gigging at venues where you would not bring your best stuff.

The key to these amps is buying them dirt cheap. You will NEVER make money on a crate. Despite being a mediocre/decent tube amp the Blue Voodoo bears the Crate "mark of Cain" and there is no convincing people on craigslist that what you have for sale is not bottom-tiered junk. The niche these amps fill are gear meant to be run into the ground with no regrets. If you can use working piece of gear with no resale or fear of replacement attached, they are a good choice (when priced accordingly).

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