Crate V16: thoughts? experience?


I played one of these the other day and I liked the articulateness and punch of it, but it seemed to lack "warmth" or "sweetness." I had owned a little Fender Pro Jr. with an upgraded Weber alnico speaker and JJ tubes chosen to warm up the tone and increase headroom, so maybe I'm just getting used to the bigger 12" speaker and the amp's voicing. But is the 16v (which is the same as the 15, just different cosmetics, I think) known for a less "sweet" tone? I have the drive at maybe 10 o'clock and the various tone controls around noon and the reverb at around 10, as well, just for some depth. Maybe I'm a knob-noob, is all.

I hear people say these are voiced sort of Vox-ey -- is that going to be less sweet to begin with?


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I have a V15 with a V30 in it and it sounds great. I use it all the time in church and for band rehearsals and I don't get any complaints about the sound of it. It's not as nice as my TopHat mind you but it has the Vox thing going on plus it has way more gain than say the AC15CC. IT sounds a little beefier too to me. It's a great little amp plain and simple. FWIW, I had a Blues Jr. which I also liked but not as much as the V15.


I got the V16 and stuck a Blue in thar...she sounds fine. Not alot of depth in sound, but has alot of gain, sweetness added from the speaker and it is really fine for the money...i use mine sometimes bi-amp setup alongside an ampeg vt40 or an orange or120 and it adds alot of sizzle and scream...

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