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Crazed, skinny-assed, diaper wearing chick has a rather catchy tune

Walter Boots

I knew what band this would be about just from the thread title-I tripped over them a year or two ago when they did the MC50 tour.Read up on them a little,I think she's so thin because of health issues,and I love how she shoves it in everyone's face,makes it a confrontation.Seems pretty punk to me.


Silver Supporting Member
I like it 'cause it fuc*ing rocks, some of the raunch sounds like Detroit and the videos are pretty funny. And "Pennies" is an earworm.

I don't understand how some of you like this kind of stuff and diss the top 10 charts nowadays at the same time. I really don't and I kind of wonder why anyone would like this. I apologize though.

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