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Crazy DGT mod day.....(again!)


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OK again not so wacky as the other days maybe. Some of you may remember the Lollartron/P92 setup I did. And it was cool, really cool actually, but recently I was jonsing for some double cream PAF hotness. Didnt think the color would go too well with my other DGTs, so.....under the iron she went. Kinda like....what maybe Ace Frehley would play if he owned a DGT....LOL:

Really pleased with how it turned out. I had to age the PRS pickup rings, as they are "ivory" and looked like crap with the cream...far too white. I also put on amber lampshades as opposed to the clear. Plugged in her, very briefly...killin' as always!


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Seeing another one of your cool experiments almost makes me glad I can't solder. God only knows how many sets of pickups I'd accumulate otherwise!

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