Crazy Gig Stories....let's hear em'!


One time....

At a Gig.....

The keyboard player's band van was hit by an errant taxi sliding on ice in Salt Lake City while we watched in horror through a large pane glass window in the middle of a tune....thought it was going to crash through the window which was right next to the stage....

Needless to say, we did not finish the tune...

Whatcha Got?


I had a college roommate who a few years later was in a
popular local band in the late 80's. He was in his mid-20's
at the time, and a local guy businessman-type started
hanging out at all of the shows.

Months later he started bringing his wife along, both were
about mid-40s in age. Wife was really nice-looking, and
after about 4 months, husband asked if one of the
guys in the band would mind "satisfying" the wife.

One of them took him up on the offer and the husband
watched the whole thing. The craziest part was at one
point the husband held his wifes hand while she and band
member were going at it.
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This isn't an amazing story, but it had me laughing. Saw a guy in a very small dive bar smash his guitar at the climax of his set. Just totally destroy it. This was not a well-known band, and I can't imagine they had the funds to go smashing guitars every night. It wasn't the nicest guitar ever, but wasn't a Squire either. I kept thinking this guy's going to get home, the euphoria will have worn off, and he'll go "WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?!?"

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