crazy to dump IIC+ for Tremoverb?

i really think I've got the IIC+ gain thing close/covered with the Mesa Tremoverb...

I'm considering giving up the IIC+ for a THD Flexi... am I crazy?

I gave up a THD Bivalve for the Tremoverb and am not looking back on that deal, BUT I do miss what the Bivalve does, in fact the whole THD vibe has got my number.

So, do you think the Vintage gain on the Tremoverb is close enough to the IIC+ to move the Mark along?


Just to get this straight. You have a IIC+ and a Tremoverb. On the tremoverb you can get similar tones as the C+. Should you sell the C+ and get the THD Flexi.

1) I've never heard a rectifier get Mark series tones. But who knows
2) If you are happy with they way the tremoverb does the C+ sounds only you can tell
3) The Mark IIC+ is highly prized amp, I would do a lot of thinking before unloading it
4) Are you sure you can't get THD sounds with what you have

If you think it's worth it and you're not losing anything, go for it.


My brother would gladly buy that IIC+ offa you. PM me if you're serious, and gimme a price to relay to him.


I am a big Tverb fan boy so I would personally probably sell. The only reason I would have for not selling would be the collector value of the C+.


The droid you're looking for
If I understand right, you have a IIC+ and a TremoVerb, and are thinking of getting a THD Bivalve. And you think you can get the two Boogies are tonally redundant.

That said, it's all about collectability, and whether you actually collect amps. That IIC+ is highly collectable, especially if it's in great shape. TremoVerb, not so much. If I had both and were gigging, I'd take the TremoVerb, for exactly that reason (btw, the TremoVerb is the only Rectifier-type Boogie I like - the rest are all too polished-sounding to me). Now, is a THD Bivalve going to be collectable? Is it going to hold its resale value? The IIC+ has real mystique, and they don't make 'em anymore. From a purely financial point of view, replacing a IIC+ with a Bivalve is likely to be a long-term loss. But if it's just gathering dust, who cares?
to clarify...

I now own both the IIC+ and the tremoverb. They are both awesome amps, but I'm considering offloading the IIC+ in favor of something else like a THD Flexi... totally different animal IMO

It does seem to me that I can mimic the smooth gain and timbre of the IIC+ with the Vintage Gain settings on the Tverb... consequently, my question...

The collector point is well taken... I haven't given it a whole lot of thought, but it does make sense... maybe shelf the Mark for a while just to make sure and sell a few pedals to get back into the THD thing...

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