Crazy Tubes SPT (Spiral Turbulence) Phaser/Vibe demo. A very interesting and great sounding pedal!



Here's some pics if you'd like to check them out:

Hey guys, we just got to demo another phaser. The SPT is a very interesting and awesome sounding phaser with independent controls for depth, feedback and rate. Is also has a switch that changes between traditional phaser and vibe/rotary/leslie-like sounds. Very, very cool and useful. It's all analog, has 4 OTA stages and counts with a half sine/half triangle LFO to deliver the modulation. I thought it was interesting that in Phaser mode, the feedback knob acts as a traditional feedback that almost gets to self-oscillate when maxed out but in Vibe mode it kind of emulates the change of the rotating speaker and the cabinet dimensions. It's a subtle change but it's definitely there. Pretty cool. Also has a expression pedal/tap tempo input to control the rate.

What do you think? :D

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